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College Digital Centre

Sports Committee Function: a. To organize all sporting activities in the college; and b. To prepare students for state, national and international collegiate competition Examination Committees Function: a. To conduct all college examination b. To organize and/or participate in contentious Assessment workshops or conferences to aid their innovative capacity; and…

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Matriculating Students

Governing Council: As appointed by kogi state government, the Governing Council Constitutes; Principal Officers: a. Provost b. Registrar c. College Librarian Other Officers: Academic; a. Deputy Provost b. Director Academic Programs: c. Deans Schools; d. Dean Students’ Affairs: and e. Heads of Departments. Administrative/Technical; a. Director of Works & Services…

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Academic Board

Compositions Provost, Deputy Provost, College Librarian, Director of Academic Programs, Deans of School, Head of Departments, Registrar. Functions a. To direct and manage academic of the College including the curriculum, regulations of admission, organization of examinations, the award of certificates, prizes, and other distinctions; b. To make recommendation to the…

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